About the Key Escrow Properties of Identity Based Encryption Schemes


  • Ruxandra Olimid University of Bucharest


Identity Based Encryption, Key Escrow, Lawful Interception


IBE (Identity Based Encryption) represents a type of public key encryption that allows a party to encrypt a message using the recipient’s identity as public key. The private keys needed for decryption are generated and distributed to each party by a KGC (Key Generation Center). The existence of such an entity in an IBE scheme allows access to the encrypted information for other parties other than the intended recipient by construction: the KGC or any other entity that receives the cryptographic keys from the KGC may perform decryption. A system that permits other parties to have access to the private keys of the users is said to have key escrow abilities. The paper performs a brief analysis of the key escrow properties of IBE schemes and gives a practical example of communication protocol that improves the key escrow capabilities.

Author Biography

Ruxandra Olimid, University of Bucharest

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science


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