Autoimmune Cyber Retaliation Supported by Visual Analytics

Mihai Gabriel Ionita, Victor Valeriu Patriciu


As the World Wide Web contains close to 500 exabytes, it is clear that securing it is a very important and difficult task. Security specialists and analysts are faced with challenges regarding the sheer quantity of data which has to be analyzed. As the quantity of data grows, automated analysis within a single piece of equipment is not feasible anymore. This is why security analysts are divided between a dozen of consoles from a dozen of pieces of equipment from different vendors, each with its own standards and rules for representing data. Unfortunately human operators cannot efficiently take decisions based on the output of a dozen consoles, each with a different data representation pattern. This is why the cognitive abilities of a human being to reason analytically have to be used. This can be offered to an operator only with the aid of an interactive visual experience on a single large console.


Autoimmune Defense, Cyber-Retaliation, Secure Information Exchange, Security, Visual AnalyticsIntroduction

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