IoT – Internet of Things Architecture for Context Aware Sensors Data Processing in Waste Management Solution

Cristian Toma, Marius Popa


Internet of Things (IoT) refers interconnectivity of different devices and its increasing reasons aim Cloud Computing Services development, interconnectivity among personal smart devices and other devices, and significant development of the applications operate with this kind of connections and data provided by such connections. The biggest role is played by the devices with measuring capabilities helping the understanding of the world around by humans analyzing data generated in new points by these instruments. Data are securely stored and processes to be a viable source for real-time decisions. The paper provides an overview of this new data acquisitions paradigm together with short presentations of the communication protocols can be implemented in IoT infrastructure. Also, a possible solution architecture is provided for waste management.


IoT – Internet of Things; IoT Communications protocol

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Top 50 IoT – Internet of Things Sensor Applications:

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JavaScript Libraries / Frameworks used in IoT nodes/gateways and back-end of IoT infrastructures:

*. jQuery (old school):

*. Angular JS (MVC + Data-binding) / Knockout JS (Data-binding + UI auto-refresh):

*. Dojo:

*. Prototype:g

*. Yahoo YUI:

*. extJS - Sencha:

*. MooTools:

*. NODE-Red (Node.js) (IoT Graph engine) -

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IoT Smart Cities Technologies:

Waspmote board:

Arduino board:

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Raspberry Pi board:

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BigBellySolar Smart Trash Bin/Can:

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Messaging Technologies:

REST Protocol Intro:

REST versus WS comparison from developers perspective:


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