Security System for Mobile Voting with Biometrics


  • Laurentiu Marinescu IT&C Security Master Department of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics The Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Mobile Voting, Android, Biometrics, Face detection, Face Recognition, SSL, Encryption, Local Binary Patterns, OpenCV


For centuries, voting has been a democratic right and way to choose our politicians. Nowadays, the voting process became a major issue in order to avoid crucial vulnerabilities like multiple voting, missing ballot papers, electoral fraud and miscount votes in an election. 

To prevent those leaks in our current voting system and to improve other factors like time-consuming and reducing cost of resources, I decided to implement a secured mobile voting system on android.

In today’s era, the number of people that possess a smart-phone is larger and larger and also the advanced stage of technology can concur to a reliable solution for voting.

The architecture of this system will contain the mobile application that need to be installed on a mobile device, also will contain a server to compute multiple operations (face detection, face recognition and matching the face with the existing ones, matching unique id of the smart-phone with the one stored in database based on user personal identification number) and a server database. Firstly, an introduction about the subject and system is presented. Problem formulation will contain a research about this topic. Solution of the problem is presented in four subsections: architecture of the system, implementation, face recognition verifier and other solutions.


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