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@article{Toderoiu_2015, title={Security in Service Oriented Architectures – Volatility-Based Hedging Support System}, volume={7}, url={}, abstractNote={The nature of today’s communication pattern has reverberated on all technical aspects, making them distributed in order to satisfy the need for immediate consumption of quality content. This is especially visible in the enterprise world, where latency reflects directly into financial results and, potentially, the survival of specific entities that are in tight competition. As people has discovered that by intertwining their thoughts through the means of social media is beneficial, enterprises have evolved towards a similar direction, of communicating with each other using services. Securing such Service Oriented Architectures presents a series of concerns, which are the main topic of the following paper.}, number={3}, journal={Journal of Mobile, Embedded and Distributed Systems}, author={Toderoiu, Cristina Ana}, year={2015}, month={Sep.}, pages={136-141} }