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@article{Singhal_Das_2012, title={MPEG Video Security using Motion Vectors and Quadtrees}, volume={4}, url={}, abstractNote={Securing multimedia data communication over public channel is a challenging task for protecting digital content from content piracy. Anti-piracy, digital watermarking and ownership verication are some mechanisms for authenticating digital content. The size of multimedia data being generally huge makes it difficult to carry out data encryption and compression for real time data communication. In this paper, we discuss the partial encryption approach in which a part of the compressed data is encrypted and rest of data remain unencrypted. The approach results in signicant reduction of computation and communication time.}, number={3}, journal={Journal of Mobile, Embedded and Distributed Systems}, author={Singhal, Anshul and Das, Manik Lal}, year={2012}, month={Sep.}, pages={203-208} }